Online Finds: DIY Medicine Cabinet Hides Behind Wall Art

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What a gorgeous DIY medicine cabinet project! A photo frame functions as the door:

A Beautiful Mess Laura Gummerman Make-A-Hidden-Medicine-Cabinet

Laura Gummerman at A Beautiful Mess.

So clever! And, of course, it’s highly adaptable to any taste.

However trite it may sound, the ingenuity of people never ceases to amaze me. Now I kinda want to make a row of these in our front hall, bathroom, my workroom, etc. and store all sorts of little necessities right where they’re needed… 🙂

For the tutorial and more photos, visit Laura Gummerman at A Beautiful Mess.

Note: I wasn’t paid or perked to mention this; just passing along a good thing.

New to Me: Red Quilt Wallcovering

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This photo in the June 2017 edition of Country Living magazine caught my eye:

Country Living June 2017 p27 Quilted Wallcovering

Country Living magazine June 2017, p. 27.

“Quilted wallcovering. Create a warm welcome with this unique spin on an accent wall.”

It seems to be from a bathroom or a half bath with a red wooden dresser repurposed as a vanity, plus a red and dark brown wood-frame mirror set against a coordinating red, black and white quilt. By all appearances, the quilt is permanently attached to the wall.

Wow, what a wonderful look. The mirror on top of the pieced multicolor quilt is too busy for my taste, but I really like how striking the wall is and how well the space is pulled together.

A comparable look would be relatively easy to achieve with paint and a stencil, if you don’t want to use a quilt or are worried about the longevity of textiles as a wallcovering.

Note: I wasn’t paid or perked to mention this; just passing along a good thing.

Now on Etsy: Canvas Pouches

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I listed a few canvas pouches at the Playfully Grownup Home Etsy shop.

Canvas Pouches Collage

They’re made from a variety of prints and solids. I used up remnant canvas pieces to make them.

The light green one has a really great, understated but elegant floral pattern outlined in white. I added a coordinating green and white polka dot accent for the drawstring channel.

Canvas Pouch Green White Floral BB001a

For the blue and turquoise floral, I found two good accent color matches but couldn’t decide which I preferred, so I made two versions. Problem solved! 🙂 One has a turquoise-on-turquoise polka dot print…

Canvas Pouch Blues Turquoise BB002c

…and the second a solid bright blue cotton. The latter makes a nice, strong contrast.

Canvas Pouch Blues BB002a

Both colorways have a round bottom made from solid-colored canvas – pale mustard for the green and navy blue for the blue and turquoise bags.

Find them in the Playfully Grownup Home > Carry Me section. And as always, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask!

Colors: A Blue, White and Grey Kitchen

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Architect Liza Breeze was hired to transform a dated townhouse in Fitzroy North, Melbourne, Australia, and she most definitely delivered. My favorite picture from the project is below:

Lisa Breeze Fitzroy+North+Townhouse+7

Architect Liza Breeze. Styling: Tamara Maynes, photo: Caitlin Mills.

That’s such a LOVELY blue! The lines are a hint too modern for me, but I do love the color combo – blue with a bit of grey in it, white, grey marble plus a dash of black. And a Smeg fridge for the Red Dwarf fans out there… 🙂

Kudos! More photos on Lisa Breeze’s website.

Found via Desire to Inspire.

Note: I wasn’t paid or perked to mention this; just passing along a good thing.

Blue, Turquoise and White Ombre Effect Wall

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I was leafing through a home dec magazine looking for something else, when this wall with an ombre mural in blue, turquoise and white caught my eye. It’s from the home of designer Petri Hiltula in Finland.

Avotakka 04 2015 Ombre Bedroom Wall1

Sameli Rantanen / Avotakka magazine, April 2015.

Featured in the Avotakka magazine (April 2015), the wall was designed by Susanna Sivonen. The name of the design is Origami kasvoi taivaalle (‘an origami grew into the sky’). The mural replaces the headboard in the bedroom.

Avotakka 04 2015 Ombre Bedroom Wall2

Sameli Rantanen / Avotakka magazine, April 2015.

Gorgeous. At places the effect almost looks cloud-like due to the shapes in the paint treatment. The wall looks especially good in contrast to the plain white bedding, the original, exposed square log wall and wide plank floors. I think the extra-wide floor moulding is unusual these days, too, which contributes to the charm. Kudos!

I love the sense of blue sky the mural creates; it’s especially nice at the end of winter. I’m hoping spring will come early this year!

Note: I wasn’t paid or perked to mention this; just passing along a good thing.

Arranging Books by Color in a Meditation Room

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Arranging books by color is an old trick by now, but one that continues to look great. Here is just one of the latest examples I’ve found:

DSponge Anne Sage Covenant House LA Bookcase

Anne Sage / Covenant House; via Design*Sponge.

This bookcase is a part of a previously unused space at Covenant House in Los Angeles, a non-profit youth homeless shelter, that designer Anne Sage helped transform into a quiet, calm room. And she definitely delivered – just look at a wider view of the same corner:

DSponge Anne Sage Covenant House LA Sectional

Anne Sage / Covenant House; via Design*Sponge.

I especially love the blue on the sectional and round ottomans – so restful. And the rainbow stripe on the bookcase keeps the otherwise mostly white corner from disappearing entirely.

Found via Design*Sponge; visit the article for more, including before and after photos.

Note: I wasn’t paid or perked to mention this; just passing along a good thing.

Spotted Online: Life-Sized Boba Fett Wall Decal

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I had to share this in honor of the U.S. opening of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Nicole Balch used a life-sized Boba Fett wall decal to finish off her son’s Star Wars -themed room, and the results are fantastic.

Nicole Balch Making It Lovely Sons SW Room

Nicole Balch at Making It Lovely.

Kudos! Visit Nicole’s blog for the full details.

Note: I wasn’t paid or perked to mention this; just passing along a good thing.

Random Beauty: Bright Sun and Icy Branches

Random Beauty

The other day I was thinking of last December. I went through some photos to remind myself of everything that happened and ran into this gem. At the very end of last year, we were treated to gorgeous, glittering woods after snowfall:

Bright Sun through Icy Branches

It was really hard to get the light and shadow balanced well; this is one of my better shots, I think, in that respect. The light on the icy trees is so beautiful!

Close Quarters: Smorgasbord of Colors and Styles


Color is the calling-card of self-taught interior designer Shauna Glenn. She incorporates lots of colors and styles into her designs.

I’m really intrigued by the dining area rug from her home:

Shauna Glenn Design Dining w Blue Bright Rug

Shauna Glenn Design.

Quite often you see bright colors combined with white, but in this case the background is composed of several shades of greyish blue, which is an enduring favorite of mine. Love the effect!

She says of her approach:

“I love anything and everything home. My style is contemporary meets your grandma’s attic–if your grandma’s attic if [sic] filled with mid-century treasures from far off places. So many different genres are represented in my home: traditional, bohemian, modern, rustic, and mid- century. It’s like a smorgasbord, really. But it totally works! Who says you have to stick with one theme throughout. Let’s be bold! Let’s be brave! Let’s make margaritas and eat cake!
“I don’t know the rules of home design. I haven’t downloaded any How-To books or read Interior Design For Dummies. I just play with color and pattern and different textures and see how it makes the space feel. That’s it. That’s my secret.
“I hope you enjoy what I’ve created here. It’s a joyride I hope never ends.”

Her work really does look joyful, don’t you agree? For instance, this combination of white with red and fuchsia in a bedroom is wonderfully cheerful yet balanced:

Shauna Glenn Design White Red Fuchsia Bedroom

Shauna Glenn Design.

And here is an office space with just the right amount of color pops contrasted with white and black:

Desire to Inspire Shauna Glenn Design Office

Shauna Glenn Design, via Desire to Inspire.

Remember what I said about bright colors often being set on a white background? The rug above is a prime example.

Another fantastic combination of white, red and fuchsia in a bedroom rug, below:

Shauna Glenn Design White Red Fuchsia Rug

Shauna Glenn Design.

The pink ceiling – apart from being lovely in itself – forms a literal counterpart to the rug, while white and grey in the rest of the large textiles stop the combination from being overly saccharine. Very nice.

Found via Desire to Inspire. Visit Shauna Glenn Design for more.

Note: I wasn’t paid or perked to mention this; just passing along a good thing.