Latest Sewing Project: Tomatoes Aplenty

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My latest project came out very nicely:

A reversible custom cover for a stand mixer for a friend out of her fabrics. The “parade side” is a colorful, mouth-watering tomato print, the lining a more subdued fig print. The cover is actually being modeled on my sewing machine, which is why there are some odd bumps. 🙂

In addition to two pockets on the cover itself, I made two small baggies for the mixer heads for more storage options.

It’s nice to be reminded that sewing something structurally simple doesn’t have to mean boring; you can get great results by using eye-catching fabric.

P.S. Happy Thanksgiving, Canada!

Favorite Handmade Xmas Presents from 2014

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Happy New Year to each and everyone! I had such a relaxing Christmas and a great break in general. I hope that was also the case for you. It’s good to be back to a fresh start, though, with some fresh snow outdoors. I just love how everything looks so clean and clear and soft after snowfall.

Speaking of soft: Every year, I try to include something handmade in my Christmas presents. Here are some soft projects from 2014 that I most enjoyed making:

2014 Handmade Xmas Presents

Clockwise from top right: three nesting bins in the recipient’s favorite colors; simple gift wrapping with a hunter green envelope, a bunny paper clip and a recycled Christmas card cut down to size; freeform hand-embroidered rosemary sachets, cotton on cotton muslin; two nesting bins out of blue Marimekko poppy print fabric; and eight fabric coasters with felt innards and fringed edges, complete with a small custom storage bin in coordinating colors.

In this case, part of the pleasure came from being able to use for personal gain a fabric bin construction technique I developed for my business.

Any handmade gifts you either made or received that you’d like to share? Please do!