Random Beauty: Light Diffracts Through Hummingbird Wings

Random Beauty

Christian Spencer has photographed hummingbirds in Brazil’s Itatiaia National Park for years. He’s concentrated on the way light diffracts through the birds’ wings and breaks into a rainbow. The photos are GORGEOUS – here’s just one example:

Christian Spencer Hummingbirds Vitral

Christian Spencer

Wow – the skill it takes to capture the hummingbirds just so!

Found via Colossal. Visit Spencer’s website for more.

Note: I wasn’t paid or perked to mention this; just passing along a good thing.

Random Beauty: Fog Fingers in California

Random Beauty

Italian photographer Lorenzo Montezemolo took this shot of fog slowly rolling over the landscape in Marin County, California:

Lorenzo Montezemolo Marin County CA fog

Fog fingers, Marin County, California. Lorenzo Montezemolo.

The view is from Mt. Tamalpais. Montezemolo used a three-minute exposure for stunning effect. Breathtakingly beautiful.

Found via Colossal.

P.S. Tomorrow I’m having a follow-up round of medical diagnostics. I’d appreciate good thoughts my way.

Supermoon Lunar Eclipse

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We happened to have excellent conditions for the 2015 supermoon lunar eclipse: clear skies, warm weather, and a dark backyard for early night viewing. The best shot I got is from the beginning of the eclipse (with a little computer enhancement).

Very neat. And, although celestial photography won’t become a part of my skills in a hurry, it was nice to try.

Behind the Scenes: Some Small Photo Props

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I’m prepping to list another bunch of products in my Etsy store. My office / workroom looks like some kind of weird small item bomb went off, leaving photo prop shrapnel behind. My favorite is perhaps the toothbrush in the middle of the table.Small Photo Props

Also, as you can see on the left side – the sun is shining! Yay! I’ve felt so sun-deprived this winter, it’s a relief that spring is finally here.

Making Progress: First Product Photographs

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Whenever you start anything new, progress happens more slowly than you’d like. It happens slowly regardless of whether your professional or personal history has any relevance to your new enterprise. That’s been my experience, at least. I remember well the first horrible six weeks of grad school in the U.S. – I was so confused despite already having a master’s degree from the old country! Then something clicked in my brain, and I fell into a natural rhythm again.

My experience starting a business seems to follow exactly the same pattern. Each new step or aspect confuses the heck out of me at first. I try and try; I spend hours pouring over advice, or trying a technique, or editing text, or reading up on federal regulations. At the end of a day it seems I have made only minor progress. It can be disheartening.

What I’ve discovered, however, is that the initial confusion is a necessary step, repetition is good, and progress does happen. Case in point: here are two of my first product photos. Not professional quality, since I’m not a pro photographer and don’t own a fancy camera, but quite decent.

Prism001 Posed Shot

Prism010 Closeup

Now I also know how I want to present my pillow covers, what kinds of settings I am most comfortable with, what kinds of props I can produce, and when/where to take my photos – in other words, I have a photo routine. I’m happy. 🙂