Close Quarters: Oval Rainbow Rug and More

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French home decor magazine Marie Claire Maison toured jewelry designer Solange Azagury-Partridge’s London home. The rainbow rug in this sitting room is an interesting take – and certainly catches your eye, even with so much color elsewhere in the room:


Jewelry designer Solange Azagury-Partridge’s London home. Via Marie Claire Maison.

While there are pieces of furniture with very modern lines, they go quite well together with the ornate stained glass windows, moldings and laurel and vine motifs on the painted ceiling.

There are also rooms where a single color dominates, for example in this aptly-named Sunshine room…


Jewelry designer Solange Azagury-Partridge’s London home. Via Marie Claire Maison.

…with plenty of playful details:


Jewelry designer Solange Azagury-Partridge’s London home. Via Marie Claire Maison.

I really admire Ms. Azagury-Partridge’s skill in pulling together such different elements into a cohesive whole. Visit Marie Claire Maison‘s article for more!

Found via Making It Lovely.

Note: I wasn’t paid or perked to mention this; just passing along a good thing.

My Con or Bust Donations for 2017

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Here are my donations for Con or Bust‘s yearly online auction for 2017: two sleep masks.

One is a sleepy critter. It’s made from brown polyester felt lined with a soft linen blend fabric; there’s also felt applique (ears and nose) and embroidery (eyes).

Critter Sleep Mask Collage

The other has a stylized dragon embroidered as an interlace pattern on black polyester felt lined with navy blue cotton.

Dragon Sleep Mask Collage

Bidding will start in two weeks, on Monday, April 24, 2017.

Before that, you can have a look at the 2017 Auction Index (Google spreadsheet), visit the Con or Bust website for more information or browse the 2017 Auction Tags.

Con or Bust, Inc., is a U.S.-based, tax-exempt not-for-profit organization that helps people of color/non-white people attend SFF conventions. Con or Bust isn’t a scholarship and isn’t limited to the United States, to particular types of con-goers, or to specific cons; its goal is simply to help fans of color go to SFF cons and be their own awesome selves. It is funded through donations and an online auction held annually.

As I’ve had firsthand experience of being on a miniature budget and having to limit my geeky hobbies accordingly (i.e., not that much fun), I decided to add Con or Bust to my list of things worthy of support. This is my second time donating.

Note: I wasn’t paid or perked to mention this; just passing along a good thing.

Close Quarters: Floral Print Sofa with Geometric Rug

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Incorporating colors, especially strong colors, into interiors can be intimidating. Add to that floral pattern, and the task might seem insurmountable.

Not so for Melbourne-based interior designer Camilla Molders. She creates contemporary rooms with plenty of color, clean-lined and elegant furniture, and lush textiles and rugs. In her Prahran Flowerhouse project, what might otherwise been a grandmotherly floral print sofa instead becomes luxurious, almost throne-like.

Camilla Molders Design Prahran Flowerhouse 2of7

Prahran Flowerhouse. Camilla Molders Design.

The neutral walls and curtains allow the furnishings and rug to stand out. The repetition of flowers in the upholstery as well as wall art is very clever – prominent but not overdone. The geometric rug is the perfect antidote to the flowers, and brings the saccharine factor down immediately despite its unapologetically strong reds and fuchsias. And did you notice that the sofa legs are painted a matching color?

Camilla Molders Design Prahran Flowerhouse 3of7

Prahran Flowerhouse. Camilla Molders Design.

It’s really impressive how well Ms. Molders has matched the colors in the rug with those of the sofa upholstery. The room wouldn’t work nearly as well if they didn’t coordinate so perfectly.

Camilla Molders Design Prahran Flowerhouse 5of7

Prahran Flowerhouse. Camilla Molders Design.

I don’t think the rug could ever come home with me, but that sofa is looking more and more appealing. And I might have to try the trick of repeating the same motif in textiles and art in a room – very effective.

Found via Desire to Inspire.

Note: I wasn’t paid or perked to mention this; just passing along a good thing.

Caught My Eye: Sahalie Floral Fabric

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Exhibit A:

Home Decorators Pillow Pouf

Home Decorators.

Pillow and pouf from Home Decorators.

Exhibit B:

Yoga Mat Bag BG003d

Playfully Grownup Home.

Yoga mat bag by me. No wonder it looks familiar!

The print is called Sahalie. Mine is a cotton duck (canvas), which doesn’t seem to be available anymore. Shame; I prefer natural fibers over synthetics. Although the good thing is that the outdoor-grade Sahalie made out of polyester is available in more colorways.

Note: I wasn’t paid or perked to mention this; just passing along a good thing.

Geeky Color Combos: Senator Amidala’s Coruscant Bedroom

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You know those design recommendations that urge you, especially when hesitant, to start with a picture and base your color selections on it? Here are some ideas on how to achieve it with a geeky starting point. I’ll select a photo, a painting, a still, a screencap or the like that is geeky in some way, and use mainstream photos to illustrate how a color combination pulled from that model image might work in real life.

For the second post in the series, I chose Senator Amidala’s bedroom in Coruscant, seen in Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones. This beautiful photo of the set comes from Wookieepedia:

Padme Amidalas apartment

Padmé Amidala’s apartment. Wookieepedia.

The main color is navy blue, with touches of white, tan/beige, pale aqua and gold. Navy and gold make an especially rich, lush combination. Besides pure gold tones, golden browns like tans work quite well with navy. Also light, warm wood tones like golden oak make a beautiful complement to navy.

Apart from the ubiquitous naval connotation, navy blue and gold can be found as event decor colors, especially for weddings. Below is a delightfully atypical wedding setup with navy and gold tones. It’s styled by Kimberly Watt at Petal Pixie and photographed by Alixann Loosle Photography; found via Ruffled.

Hidden Forest Wedding

Hidden Forest Wedding. Styling & floral: Petal Pixie, photo: Alixann Loosle Photography; found via Ruffled.

Navy and gold also make great base colors for present wrapping:

Emily & Sarah at Boxwood Clippings

Emily & Sarah at Boxwood Clippings.

Emily & Sarah at Boxwood Clippings.

The combination of navy and gold can be brought into interiors even in real life. Christy’s bedroom below introduces a little pale aqua, just like Padme’s:

Christy Grubbs bedroom

Christy Grubbs.

…and the bedroom below keeps to the color combo, but instead of the bedding, includes the tans and browns in the chair and rug:

Canadian House & Home

Canadian House & Home; photo via Delight by Design.

Canadian House & Home; photo found via Delight by Design.

Padme’s bedroom has gold mouldings running from floor to ceiling reminiscent of a rib vault. In real life, moulding like that is rare, but you could introduce golden tones in other upright elements, like book cases…

Amy Morris for the Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles showhouse

Amy Morris for the Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles showhouse; found via Delight by Design.

Room by Amy Morris for the Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles showhouse; photo via Delight by Design.

…or curtains:

Chicago Homes & Garden

Chicago Homes & Garden; found via Delight by Design.

Chicago Homes & Garden; photo via Delight by Design.

In interiors, brass is an easy alternative to incorporate the color of gold without having to pay an arm and a leg. Just look at the cabinet handles in this navy kitchen:

Elegueller Arquitetos

Elegueller Arquitetos; photo via Eat Well 101.

Elegueller Arquitetos; photo via Eat Well 101.

Don’t forget the smaller touches:

Navy Gold Decor Collage

Top row: Moroccan pouf by fezart on Etsy and side table by Ashley at Dirt Stains and Paint. Bottom row: Moscow Lineposter Screen Print, Navy/Gold, by lineposters on Etsy.

…or wearables:

Navy Gold Wearables Collage

Clockwise from top right: Toddler Baby Boy Bow Tie by StringfellowJane on Etsy; Koko Navy & Gold Geometric Maxi Dress from Lovedrobe; navy and gold speck nails by The Posh Polish; Script Designer Islamic Long Navy Tee from Artizara; Men’s Gold Moon Shirt by alittlelark on Etsy; Skullcandy 50/50 earbuds.

Any additional innovative uses of navy and golden tones? Please share!

P.S. Access other posts in the series with the geeky color combos tag.

Happy Halloween!

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For Halloween, here are a few arresting, interesting, stunning dark spaces. Halloween decor easily gets tacky, but these tricks / spaces have wider appeal. Enjoy!

Nina had an understated but elegant idea for a table:


Nina at Stylizimo.

Found via Husligheter. (Oh good grief, my brain just went there – “Nana nana nana nana bat fork!” 😀 )

A detail on a desk clad for the fall by Therese:

Desk detail

Therese at Eye on Details.

Black & white & wood in a kitchen:

Sawyer Berson Kitchen WestVillageApt

Architects at Sawyer | Berson.

From an apartment designed by architects at Sawyer | Berson. If I were a fan of dark wood, this would be the tone. 🙂

Open kitchen shelving:

Residence Henrik and Lotta Imberg Furillen

Photo Pia Ulin, styling Cilla Ramnek; Residence 6/2013.

From the home of architects Henrik and Lotta Imberg. Again, via Husligheter.

Who says a dining room hutch can’t hold shoes?

DSponge Jessie Artigue Gerard Brown

Photo by Sara Kerens Photography; design*sponge.

From the home of Jessie Artigue and Gerard Brown. Because when your clothing is awesome, why hide it? Featured at design*sponge (with so many more intriguing photos than this!).

Happy Halloween!

P.S. Three additional links: Nicole Balch (from Making it Lovely) created a fantastic feature on dark walls for Babble. There’s also a great collection of photos of a converted public library and a set of interiors with black & gold at Desire to Inspire. Check them out!

P.P.S. Two additional spaces at my Playfully Grownup Tumblr. This is my official self-promotional moment for the day. 🙂

Online Finds: Wallpapers from Vera Bradley

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Vera Bradley has made several downloadable wallpapers available for free. There are three sizes: desktop computer, iPad and mobile phone. There’s a Downloads archive as well for more browsing. I think the Summer Cottage (from summer 2012) is my favorite:

Vera Bradley Summer Cottage iPad Wallpaper

Vera Bradley.

Note: I wasn’t paid or perked to mention this; just passing along a good thing.

Close Quarters: Jewel Tones in an Apartment

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Colors. There’s nothing quite like colors to trigger a home decoration dilemma, especially if more than one person is involved. I stumbled upon this past post from Desire to Inspire that features a riotously colorful apartment. Below are a few of the least(!) vibrant ones.

Living room:

Red and pink living room


Blue study

Computer room:

Manhattan wallpaper


Blue and brown bath

Wow, right? It’s clear that the owners love red, and can deal with a lot of color. They’re also clearly bold and unapologetic, if these were the photos they chose for their apartment-for-sale ad. I couldn’t live with that intensity of color myself. I do, however, admire the owners for investing in colors they so obviously love. Plus, the parrot wall is kinda awesome.

Colors: 1st Choices

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For me, choosing colors is one of the most time-consuming parts in a project. These are the very first color choices I made this summer!

Fabrics 1st Batch Cools

Fabrics 1st Batch Warms

All have since been incorporated into several products. Unfortunately, I’m still waiting for fabric tags with my business logo to arrive. There seems to be a problem with the carrier – two shipments seem to have gotten lost. I cannot finish anything before they get here, and it’s getting very hard to wait. At least I can use the time to prep!