June 2018 Recap

After Hours, Newsletters

This month, I tested a bucket bag pattern to make two canvas pouches. They have a round bottom, which allows them to stand upright when empty.

Green and White Canvas Pouches Done

The canvas has a really great, understated floral pattern outlined in white. I added a coordinating green and white polka dot accent (a better view here). I just need to finish the documentation and take more pictures, then I can list them in the shop.

I use similar baggies to organize my socks, undies and bras when traveling, and find them very handy. These ended up really cute, even if I say so myself. 🙂 I’m also finishing another, slightly taller pair from teal floral canvas.

Otherwise, I spent most of my sewing time adapting patterns and making clothes for myself. Last year, I made a bunch of tops mostly out of linen…

Top Pattern Fabric Cut

Clothing for Myself Tops 2017

I already picked apart the grey top’s neckline to re-do. 🙂

So, this year, to go with the tops, I adjusted a pajama pants pattern into two (day) shorts variants, one without and the other with a side seam.

Apart from creating a pattern that fits me well, it was great to use some of my leftover fabric with the first few test pairs. Some were highly experimental, others used up bits and pieces that by themselves were too small to make anything. At times I had to be very creative to make a whole pair of shorts!

Then I wanted to add pockets to the shorts without a side seam. That lead to more experiments…

Experimental Pocket Done

I may have gone a little overboard – I now have five new pairs of shorts! Also, I want to make a pattern for a pantskirt (with pockets, naturally) and add pockets to a dress pattern I like. Good grief, I may have unleashed a pocket monster! 😀

Speaking of pantskirts – is that the English word commonly used? The Finnish term I grew up with is the same word for word (housuhame). I did also find the translation ‘coulottes’, but I don’t have a good enough of a grasp of that or pantskirt. Coulottes does ping my medieval or Renaissance-era brain, but that may just be the ex-SCAdian in me talking.

As usual, I took a few days off to enjoy the midsummer, and it was glorious. For one, wild roses in our neighborhood were absolutely loaded with blossoms this year.

White Roses Blooming

The only interference came from the trees:

Washed-out Pollen


On the other hand, blossoming allergies meant I had a great excuse to stay inside and play more WoW. 🙂 I set the game aside last month, but now I wanted to get back to mop up last quests and achievements before the Battle for Azeroth expansion is released in August.

WoW Legion Warlock Weapon Imbued Jun 2018

Both spring and summer were late this year, but we finally have pleasant summer weather. I hope it is enjoyable wherever you are!

News Hiatus & Minimal Social Media

Ahem Ahem!

Since there will be a lot on my plate this summer, I’ve decided to go on a news diet for a week or two.

I will check in at least once a day for messages, though, so no worries – I will remain in touch, if just a little slower.

Layers of Clouds North of Boston 2008

I will continue to read my two-Finnish-news-sites-with-breakfast dose, but I won’t go out of my way to read any more than that. I’m sure some of it will leak in regardless; the point is to get my work brain back in balance.

So, with that in mind, I’ll probably be posting short, photo-heavy posts here, and probably won’t hang around on Twitter or other social media.

In the meantime, I hope your June has started well!

Short Midsummer Break

Ahem Ahem!, My Spaces

In Finland, Midsummer is called the nightless night. Here in Massachusetts we don’t have the magical, light, still summer nights that Finland has, but June has its own share of beauty.

Sunset at Pond Jun 2013

I’m taking a few days off to celebrate Midsummer. My Tumblr will keep tumblin’, and I will keep an eye on the shop, but otherwise nothing will happen until next Thursday.

Hyvää juhannusta!