January 2018 Recap

Ahem Ahem!

This year, one of the new things I’m trying is a month-end recap for my activities. It’s not meant as a newsletter as such, but maybe a newsletter light. I aim to list some of the highlights for each month with plenty of photos, as mine is a visual job. 🙂

Here are the more significant things from January 2018.

Preparing my tax returns is always an involved process, so I start as early as possible in the beginning of January.

Inventorying Green Fabrics

As part of tax prep, I check my inventory. That is a year-end task that takes quite a bit of effort, energy and elbow grease. On the other hand, every time I go through my stash I’m reminded of a fabulous fabric or another and get inspired.

I also need to submit documentation for assigning property taxes for my business. This is the first tax-related return of the year.

2018 Jan Tax Work

Work was slowed down by snow storms in late December and early January. The 2018 winter storm Grayson brought some 13″-15″ / 33-38 cm of snow for us. And this on top of the first two snowfalls of the season, about 10″ / 25 cm total, that didn’t have time to melt.

2017 Dec End After Snowfall

I was afraid we’d end up with snow up to our nostrils (like a few winters ago). Fortunately it doesn’t look likely anymore, although February might yet surprise us.

I also got a Jane Austen 10 GBP note of my own! Fansquee!

And, heartbreakingly, while I was reading her Tales from Earthsea, Ursula Le Guin passed.

Current Reading Tales from Earthsea

Her passing was such a bittersweet moment, bitter because she won’t be producing any more work. However, the many tributes serve to remind us of her intellect, inner fire and vision. I’m most fond of Le Guin’s Earthsea stories, some of which I’ve read and re-read in Finnish and in English over the years. I’ve only managed one of her science fiction books so far, though. Time to rectify that.

Shop Open Again

Ahem Ahem!

Just a short note: Playfully Grownup Home on Etsy is open again.

Selected PGH Items Cool Jan 2017

I have also resumed Tweeting and regular posting on Tumblr and Flickr.

As you may remember, I had surgery during my end-of-year break. All went well during and for the most part after the operation. (So relieved and thankful!) However, I’m still recuperating and dealing with some unexpected aftereffects and adjustments. Consequently, I’ve reduced my Tumblr posting to three times a week instead of four; I’ll try and keep my blog posting at twice a week. However, I may on occasion skip a blog or Tumblr post. Sorry about that in advance.

How were your holidays?

Shop Open Again

Ahem Ahem!

Playfully Grownup Home on Etsy is open again after a longish winter break.

I had a fantastic time. We were even able to visit my family across the sea. Unfortunately, I’ve been sick ever since we got back. I’m sick of being sick, but still unable to function normally. I’m slowly getting back to my feet and will resume regular posting here and on Flickr. Also, due to a technological hiccup, my Tumblr posting is a week off, but it seems to be back on track now.