Online Finds: DIY Unisex R2-D2 Apron

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I try not to do two Online Finds posts in a row, but this was just too good not to share immediately:

So Sew Easy Deby Apron-potholders-014b

Deby Coles at So Sew Easy.

Looks fabulous! The details are really great – you can tell that Deby’s a fan. And I’m sure you could use the same technique to make a BB-8 apron, too. For details (including a video), visit Deby’s tutorial at So Sew Easy!

Note: I wasn’t paid or perked to mention this; just passing along a good thing.

Online Finds: DIY Star Wars Canvas with a Lightsaber!

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Katie at The Casual Craftlete shared a quick DIY project that’s full of Star Wars win, with plenty of time to get it done before the premier of Episode VII. How would you like a Yoda wall canvas with a lightsaber that actually lights up?

Katie Casual Craftlete DIY-Star-Wars-Canvas-Art

Katie at The Casual Craftlete.

Who am I kidding – who wouldn’t like one, right! You could even make a whole series of them, either in the same color like the elegant grey Katie chose, or you could pick a range of different background colors, something like in this set of art prints by NEVEstudio.

See the full tutorial by Katie at her site. Thanks for sharing, Katie!

Note: I wasn’t paid or perked to mention this; just passing along a good thing.

Cold Toes

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For a long time, this winter was unusually mild. Last week, seasonable temps finally descended. From around freezing, the temperature plummeted quite suddenly to 13-17 Fahrenheit / -10(ish) Celcius daytime and to nights of around -4 F / -20 C. Even warmer days only stayed around mid-20s F / -5(ish) C.* Glad I have many, many vibrant wool socks to tide me over! 🙂

Cold Toes

*) It’s definitely been colder before, even in my few years in Massachusetts, not to mention back in Finland. In fact, the coldest day I was out riding my bike was -18 F / -28 C. That was cold. (Let’s hear it for layers and wool!)

Favorite Handmade Xmas Presents from 2014

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Happy New Year to each and everyone! I had such a relaxing Christmas and a great break in general. I hope that was also the case for you. It’s good to be back to a fresh start, though, with some fresh snow outdoors. I just love how everything looks so clean and clear and soft after snowfall.

Speaking of soft: Every year, I try to include something handmade in my Christmas presents. Here are some soft projects from 2014 that I most enjoyed making:

2014 Handmade Xmas Presents

Clockwise from top right: three nesting bins in the recipient’s favorite colors; simple gift wrapping with a hunter green envelope, a bunny paper clip and a recycled Christmas card cut down to size; freeform hand-embroidered rosemary sachets, cotton on cotton muslin; two nesting bins out of blue Marimekko poppy print fabric; and eight fabric coasters with felt innards and fringed edges, complete with a small custom storage bin in coordinating colors.

In this case, part of the pleasure came from being able to use for personal gain a fabric bin construction technique I developed for my business.

Any handmade gifts you either made or received that you’d like to share? Please do!

Discoveries: 8-bit Art by Adam Lister

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Artist Adam Lister creates geometric, pixelated versions of popular characters and paintings, geeky or mainstream. His approach has been described variously as urban, vintage and cubist. Whatever your preferred descriptor might be, Lister’s watercolors surely epitomize an inventive and inquisitive mind. Just some of his work that I like most include an 8-bit version of Van Gogh’s The Starry Night…


Adam Lister.

… The Iron Man…


Adam Lister.

… and The Godfather


Adam Lister.

Simply brilliant! More at Adam Lister Gallery page.

Note: I wasn’t paid or perked to mention this; just passing along a good thing.

Social Justice Class Cross-Stitch Wall Art

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Inspired by the social justice class buttons by Sara Nixon, I busted out my cross-stitching supplies, refreshed my skills and made my own version. You know what they say – if you don’t see what you want, make it yourself.

Social Justice Paladin Unframed

These are meant as wall art. I wanted a social justice paladin; Husband requested a druid.

Social Justice Druid Framed

The social justice druid is already framed and in its new home [not this window sill] but I haven’t framed mine yet. The word “druid” is actually in hunter green, but the dark grey of “social justice” almost drowns the green out. I may have to choose another color floss and/or background if I should end up making more.

Close Quarters: Minuscule in Manhattan

House Tours

Jourdan Lawlor and Tobin Ludwig created a home in a teeny, tiny Manhattan apartment. It’s only an incredible 242 square feet or approx. 22.50 square meters. You can tell that the apartment is a small one from the photos. Every basic home function has a place, however, and that makes all the difference.

The living room sofa hides a Murphy bed:

Lawlor Ludwig Manhattan Home 4-23

Max Touhey via Curbed NY / Yahoo Homes.

Lawlor Ludwig Manhattan Home 5-23

Max Touhey via Curbed NY / Yahoo Homes.

The sofa / Murphy bed sits right next to the apartment door:

Lawlor Ludwig Manhattan Home 6-23

Max Touhey via Curbed NY / Yahoo Homes.

Past the sofa / bed, there is a fold-away dining area:

Lawlor Ludwig Manhattan Home 13-23

Max Touhey via Curbed NY / Yahoo Homes.

With the sofa / bed and the apartment door to the left, a look towards the surprisingly large (for the space) kitchen. Note the shelf with a sliver of a counter space along the wall in the right corner:

Lawlor Ludwig Manhattan Home 15-23

Max Touhey via Curbed NY / Yahoo Homes.

All images by Max Touhey via Curbed NY / Yahoo Homes. Found via Yahoo Homes.

How about that! The arrangement is one of the best I’ve seen. I also love the fireplace-as-storage-nook. Kudos for making such a small space work so well.

Note: I wasn’t paid or perked to mention this; just passing along a good thing.