New to Me: Illustrator Eva Vilhelmiina Eskelinen

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Eva Vilhelmiina Eskelinen is a Finnish illustrator living in Vancouver, Canada. Her style is colorful and stylized. It reminds me of Eastern European folk tales and another Finnish artist, Tove Jansson. Take a look yourself:

Eva Vilhelmiina Eskelinen Tumblr They Belonged to No-One

Eva Vilhelmiina Eskelinen on Tumblr.

Eva Vilhelmiina Eskelinen Twitter Rivals of Aether Worklmiina Eskelinen on Twitter.

Eva Vilhelmiina Eskelinen via Twitter.

Eva Vilhelmiina Eskelinen Tumblr Reindeer

Eva Vilhelmiina Eskelinen on Tumblr.

Oh my goodness, the light and mood of these illustrations is incredible! I’m also struck by how Nordic the woods look. And these are just three of my favorites. There’s so much more on Eva’s Tumblr site.

Note: I wasn’t paid or perked to mention this; just passing along a good thing.

Egged by an Invisible Hand

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I’ve heard of people being shat by birds, but this I haven’t heard of before: I was egged. And inside the egg was a bird embryo.

All of a sudden while weeding, an egg fell on me. I don’t think the egg came from a tree: there was only one very young tree nearby, not fully in leaf yet so I was able to check for any nests in it. There were none. My guess is a bird of prey grabbed the egg and dropped it to open it, and instead it landed on my shoulder.

Shoulder Egged

The egg was really tiny, about half an inch / 1.5 cm or so. I scooped the amazing little embryo on a rock to take a photo.

Tiny Bird Embryo

You can see the eyes, the beak, and tiny little legs. (Or wings?) Poor little thing.

It was pretty surreal. But I still love living in the woods, even with unexpected egg attacks.

Supermoon Lunar Eclipse

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We happened to have excellent conditions for the 2015 supermoon lunar eclipse: clear skies, warm weather, and a dark backyard for early night viewing. The best shot I got is from the beginning of the eclipse (with a little computer enhancement).

Very neat. And, although celestial photography won’t become a part of my skills in a hurry, it was nice to try.