Discoveries: FUJITAMIHO Lace Accessories

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Miho Fujita creates delicate jewelry and accessories out of crocheted lace under the label fujitamiho. If that sounds hopelessly old-fashioned, you’re in for a treat: the end result is about as far as you can get.

Fujitamiho Instagram Blues

Fujitamiho on Instragram.

The accessories are made to look like leaves, berries, clusters of mushrooms and other natural elements.

Fujitamiho Instagram Fern Earrings

Fujitamiho on Instragram.

Fujitamiho Instagram Young Bracken

Fujitamiho on Instragram.

The crochet is incredibly tiny and delicate, and the shapes are as marvellous as only a close attention to detail can produce. Some of the jewelry looks almost modern and minimalistic. The pale, natural colors certainly speak to my Nordic sensibilities. 🙂

Found via Colossal. If you read Japanese, you can browse her online shop.

Note: I wasn’t paid or perked to mention this; just passing along a good thing.

Signs of Spring

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The weather’s turned from end-of-winter to definitely-spring, with flowers in full bloom and leaf buds either out or starting to emerge, in about a week flat. There are other signs of spring, too:

Bumblebee on Window Screen

A bumblebee visited us the other day. And I went out barefoot!

April First Time Bare Toes

I usually get cold very easily, so this is indeed a minor miracle at this point in April. 🙂

Not Quite a Hobbit Location

Random Beauty

Last week, Husband and I did a daytrip to western Massachusetts. Traveling through Buckland, we flashed unexpectedly on Tolkien. As if the name wasn’t enough, the village of Shelburne Falls has bit of a Hobbity feel:

The gentle, wooded hills plus colorful, low houses seen across the river and the glorious blossoms on The Bridge of Flowers certainly made my Hobbit radar ping, even if the house styles aren’t quite right.

Alas, we didn’t find a Crickhollow nearby.

Discoveries: Stone and Wood Grain Prints

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I happen to love birches. I especially love the tall, straight Finnish birches that I grew up with (silver birch, white birch). For me, it’s always a treat to find a birch print on something, like a notebook or an item. It’s no surprise that the line of birch print seating and pillows from MeroWings caught my eye.


MeroWings birch seating.

Beautiful. In another life, or decorating an entirely new home, I might pick one or two.

Also, this Moon POD pouf is really cool:

MeroWings Moon POD Monddouble1

MeroWings Moon POD.

An oversized moon bean bag to lounge on, reading a book? I could imagine a worse fate. 🙂

Note: I wasn’t paid or perked to mention this; just passing along a good thing.

It’s Not Quite a Meadow…

Random Beauty

…but I love having many different wild flowers on our yard.

Lawn w Ground Ivy Dandelion

Here, it’s dandelion and ground ivy (from the mint family).

We also have both white and purple violets amidst the grass. Elsewhere, we have coltsfoot, cinquefoil and a tiny patch of lily of the valley. Later, we’ll get vetch, birdsfoot trefoil, asters and other daisy-looking flowers, clover, yarrow and wild roses, among others.

I’m so lucky to live in such a beautiful place.