Last updated: Jan 12, 2020

This page contains the commenting policies for the Playfully Grownup Home website (“this site” or “PGH”). They serve to maintain the quality of content on this site.

If you do not agree to these policies, do not use this site or buy my products.



These policies apply to commenting and other interactions within this site. The boundaries are in place to create a space for sharing where participants are treated with respect and empathy. Please refer to the Policies page for non-commenting policies.

You are welcome to comment. By commenting you acknowledge that you have read and agree to all terms regarding commenting on this site.

Comments will be automatically closed for posts older than two weeks. I also reserve the right to turn comments off either temporarily or permanently. Spam and masked attempts at advertising will be deleted without further consideration.

I reserve the right to change or modify these policies without notice. Please review the policies periodically to ensure you are aware of any changes or updates. Changes will become effective when posted on the site. Your continued use of the site constitutes your acceptance of the changes. The date of last update will be indicated at the top of the page.

If you have any questions, please contact me.


Archiving of Comments:

Comments are generally retained as long as the post they belong to is available on this site.

Comments that are harassing or abusive will be deleted and may be archived for reporting to the authorities.



Harassment, as I define it for the purposes of this site, includes but is not limited to: unwelcome attention (sexual or otherwise), deliberate intimidation, trolling, stalking, sustained disruption of discussion and deliberate and/or sustained degrading or dismissal of other participants’ views and concerns.

Harassment also includes images and verbal comments that reinforce social structures of domination related to traits such as gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, physical appearance, body size, age, color of skin, ethnic group, physical or neural ability, culture or religion and that are meant to dismiss or marginalize said traits. For instance, I will not entertain notions that merely because of my gender I should stay silent in the kitchen making sammiches. (Not that there’s anything wrong with sandwiches!)

Lastly, harassment includes images and verbal comments that include sexual imagery (especially: sexualized or objectified images of traditionally marginalized groups) or references to intimate bodily functions or body parts that are used in an abusive or harassing manner. The key here is “used in an abusive or harassing manner”. If in doubt, leave it out. Remember: The boundaries are in place to create a space for sharing where participants are treated with respect and empathy.

Comments that are harassing or abusive to another reader or to me will be deleted and may be archived for reporting to the authorities.

To be painfully explicit: This site is a safe space, as defined by me. If you don’t like that fact or my definition of a safe space, please go elsewhere. The world is full of Internet.



By submitting a comment you are granting me a non-exclusive license to publish your words in electronic or other forms. Note that anything you post may remain on the Internet and be readable by anyone, anywhere (not only on this site), at any time. This is the nature of the Internet.



I prefer not to see profanity regularly, but if it is used sparingly and intelligently, it can have a place in communication. I do, however, reserve the right to moderate, redact and/or delete comments at my sole discretion. Comments that present valid arguments but contain excessive profanity or are written with the intent to hurt, bully, abuse or dismiss others are not acceptable. Anyone able to express substantive points is also capable of controlling themselves and their language.



Comments are the sole responsibility of their writers. I am not responsible, nor will I be held liable, for blog comments.

As sarcasm is a difficult thing to express in writing, especially if writing a hurried comment, I recommend you explicitly mark your sarcastic comments as such.


Unacceptable Behavior:

While I encourage polite discussion and differences of opinion, there are a few hard editorial policies:

  • Trolling, spamming, personal attacks, harassment, sexism, racism, hate speech and excessive profanity are not acceptable.
  • If I tell you to stop, you must stop immediately. If you are responding to another commenter and they tell you to stop, you must stop immediately.

See also Harassment above.


Usernames & Contact Information:

I do not track or share your visit(s) to this site. I have access to some personally identifiable information through my website dashboard, but I do not store it for my business uses. The only exceptions to this concern lawfulness and safety. See Privacy for more.

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