Multicolor Accent on a Slanted Ceiling

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This nursery is largely white on white, but the ceiling has what looks like a multicolor wallpaper accent applied only onto the slanted portion, which makes it very interesting and unusual:

DSponge Rose Praino Nursery2

YDC Design / Rose Praino, photo by Alexey Gold-Dvoryadkin. Found via design*sponge

Below is a view that shows the before and afters:

DSponge Rose Praino Nursery1

YDC Design / Rose Praino, photo by Alexey Gold-Dvoryadkin. Found via design*sponge

The space was designed by Rose Praino of YDC Design as part of a house renovation. What a creative way of introducing color without letting it overwhelm the space or bring the airy ceiling down. Lovely!

Found via design*sponge.

Note: I wasn’t paid or perked to mention this; just passing along a good thing.

Wardrobe Hack: Pants into Crop Wrap Top

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LOVE this idea by Tiffany Michey – turn a pair of pants into a short wrap top!

Tiffany Michey Pants into Crop Wrap Top Screencap

Tiffany Michey

Tiffany has the tutorial in a video (my image above is just a screencap, don’t try to play it). She also gives you a rough pattern:

Tiffany Michey Pants into Crop Wrap Top Schematic

Tiffany Michey

Reusing at its best, isn’t it? I really wish I had a pair of pants to try this with. Ohwell; the next time I visit a thrift store I’ll keep my eyes peeled. 🙂

Visit Paper Michey or YouTube for the how-to video.

Note: I wasn’t paid or perked to mention this; just passing along a good thing.

New Item Info Tags in Action

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As a seller of textiles, I am obligated by the federal labeling requirements (the so-called Textile and Wool Acts) to include at minimum the following information with my products: fiber contents, country of origin (the “Made in” statement) and identity of the dealer / manufacturer (which is me). I also include dimensions, care instructions and return information in my info tags, and identify the recipient of my charitable donations.

One of my projects early in the year was re-doing the item info tags. For comparison, below is the old version:

Prisms Ready to Send

The info bands on the throw pillow covers are not so bad, really. However, the stickers I used to connect the band ends did not hold properly. The Textile & Wool Acts stipulate that info tags must be securely attached to the product until delivered to the consumer, so I needed a new solution.

Fortunately, the Acts also say that label(s) need to not be permanently attached. I decided therefore to use small cards instead of bands and use linen yarn to tie these “tags” onto the items. Below is the new design:

Item Info Tags

In addition to the tags, I created small booklets to tell my store story in a nutshell. One additional consideration convinced me to make the change: the new tags are easier to attach to oddly shaped products, like hanger covers:

New Info Tags on Hanger Covers

The new info tag design, with the tags tied on, unquestionably covers me under the Textile and Wool Acts. As a side benefit, it saves me paper. Goal reached!

This is how I ship purchases to customers:

New Info Tag Item Packaged

I tag, fold and sleeve items in plastic for protection from the elements. It’s a lot of work, but the results are worth every minute.