Vote with Your Wallet: Shopping in Support of Black People

This Is Important

This post is part of my response to the George Floyd protests.

Here in the U.S. where $$$ all too often matters more than other concerns, we can vote with our wallets as well as at the ballot box. Below are a few links I’ve found helpful.

Twitter Oh Happy Dani Until You Fix It Here

Danielle Coke at Oh Happy Dani



One more thing to note, though, for maximizing your effect: consistency.

We all know that long-term attention is a factor in getting the best results. Make supporting someone as easy as possible for you: use a calendar, app, membership platform, shopping club, whatever might work best for you. And keep at it.



Finally, here’s a non-shopping-related bonus entry from the Southern Poverty Law Center: a long list of circumstances with clear, concise examples (once you narrow down to a specific situation) for responding to bigotry in everyday situations.

Anything else you’d add? Please share! There are plenty of lists out there depending on your interests.

Image by Danielle Coke at Oh Happy Dani, found at her Twitter.

Note: I wasn’t paid or perked to mention this; just passing along a good thing.