Floors Like Patchwork Quilts in Eixample, Barcelona

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Often one of the most charming features of older buildings is the flooring. Case in point: this Eixample apartment in Barcelona, Spain, has amazing, intricate quilt-like floor tiles. In all the rooms!

Espacio en blanco Eixample Barcelona Bathroom

Espacio en blanco

The space was designed by interior design studio Espacio en blanco, but I can’t tell whether they just did the furnishings or also floors, other surfaces and fixtures as well. Whatever the case, the white walls and ceilings are the perfect backdrop, because otherwise it would get too busy.

My favorite is perhaps the dining room floor…

Espacio en blanco Eixample Barcelona Dining

Espacio en blanco

…although the bedroom floor has some lovely blue in it:

Espacio en blanco Eixample Barcelona Bedroom

Espacio en blanco

Just think how amazing it would look like if you had floors like this and made a matching quilt for your bed?

Found via Desire to Inspire.

Note: I wasn’t paid or perked to mention this; just passing along a good thing.