Black Lives Matter

This Is Important, Thumbs Down

I had quite another post scheduled for today, but I had to change it due to recent events.

Because it apparently still needs repeating: Black lives matter.

Yes, rioting and looting is bad. But property isn’t as valuable as human life. For the police to escalate violence is unacceptable. For the police to attack journalists unprovoked is unacceptable. For the police to break their oaths and kill citizens they’ve sworn to protect is unacceptable.

I may be an immigrant in the U.S., but I am a white one and highly educated. I have all the privilege my skin color and my education give me. Furthermore, I come from a small country that’s been by and large extremely homogenous for centuries. After immigrating, it took me years to believe that this racist, horrifying state of things was, in fact, true, and I still can’t believe how many whypipo apparently are just fucking fine with it. My grandfather the cop would’ve been appalled were he alive today.

So I’ve educated myself, listened, done something. And I will continue.

I say again:

For the police to kill black and brown people over insignificant offences is unacceptable. Police brutality is unacceptable.