Soft Fox Crafts: A Short Roundup

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My Internet feeds seem lately to be serving me with foxes left and right. Inspired by this serendipity, here’s a short roundup of soft fox crafts.

There’s so much personality in this Fancy Fox II quilting pattern by Elizabeth Hartman:

Elizabeth Hartman Fancy Fox II

Elizabeth Hartman / Oh, Fransson.

LOVE the fox with glasses!

Felt fox cup cosies made by Jaana at Hattaralandia:

Jaana Hattaralandia DIY joulu kettumukinsuojukset1

Jaana at Hattaralandia.

Jaana offers no tutorial, but there’s a second photo in her blog post that shows the fox sleeves spread out for additional details (NB. in Finnish only, and you have to scroll quite far to get to the foxes).

Knitted tea pot cosy pattern by Gina Michele:

GinaMichele Fox Tea Cosy Knitting Pattern

Gina Michele.

Looks so comforting, too, besides being full of awesome.

Finally, cute and awesome crochet pattern for fox slipper-socks – complete with a white tail tip!

Ravelry Divine Debris Meredith_Fox_Slippers_945x1000_medium2

Divine Debris / Ravelry.

Crochet pattern by Divine Debris at Ravelry. Is it finally time for me to dig up my crochet hook? (It’s been way too many years…) 🙂

Note: I wasn’t paid or perked to mention this; just passing along a good thing.

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