Close Quarters: Smorgasbord of Colors and Styles


Color is the calling-card of self-taught interior designer Shauna Glenn. She incorporates lots of colors and styles into her designs.

I’m really intrigued by the dining area rug from her home:

Shauna Glenn Design Dining w Blue Bright Rug

Shauna Glenn Design.

Quite often you see bright colors combined with white, but in this case the background is composed of several shades of greyish blue, which is an enduring favorite of mine. Love the effect!

She says of her approach:

“I love anything and everything home. My style is contemporary meets your grandma’s attic–if your grandma’s attic if [sic] filled with mid-century treasures from far off places. So many different genres are represented in my home: traditional, bohemian, modern, rustic, and mid- century. It’s like a smorgasbord, really. But it totally works! Who says you have to stick with one theme throughout. Let’s be bold! Let’s be brave! Let’s make margaritas and eat cake!
“I don’t know the rules of home design. I haven’t downloaded any How-To books or read Interior Design For Dummies. I just play with color and pattern and different textures and see how it makes the space feel. That’s it. That’s my secret.
“I hope you enjoy what I’ve created here. It’s a joyride I hope never ends.”

Her work really does look joyful, don’t you agree? For instance, this combination of white with red and fuchsia in a bedroom is wonderfully cheerful yet balanced:

Shauna Glenn Design White Red Fuchsia Bedroom

Shauna Glenn Design.

And here is an office space with just the right amount of color pops contrasted with white and black:

Desire to Inspire Shauna Glenn Design Office

Shauna Glenn Design, via Desire to Inspire.

Remember what I said about bright colors often being set on a white background? The rug above is a prime example.

Another fantastic combination of white, red and fuchsia in a bedroom rug, below:

Shauna Glenn Design White Red Fuchsia Rug

Shauna Glenn Design.

The pink ceiling – apart from being lovely in itself – forms a literal counterpart to the rug, while white and grey in the rest of the large textiles stop the combination from being overly saccharine. Very nice.

Found via Desire to Inspire. Visit Shauna Glenn Design for more.

Note: I wasn’t paid or perked to mention this; just passing along a good thing.