Etsy Improves Search and Checkout, Plus A PGH Business Note

Ahem Ahem!

Etsy has been busy improving both the backend processes for sellers and the searching and checkout experience for buyers.

Ahem Ahem

Here are a few new features I’ve found helpful and promising both as a seller and a customer.

  • Guest checkout. Shop Etsy without creating an account. Guests will receive an email receipt and shipping notifications. They will also be able to customize orders during checkout.
  • Buy It Now button. The button takes shoppers straight to checkout so they can complete their purchase immediately without having to add items to their cart first.
  • Attributes. In addition to tags, attributes were added to improve findability. For customers, they’re invisible; I only have to worry about them when I’m wearing my seller hat. More info in this article on How Etsy Search Works.

In other business-related news: in January I reduced my Playfully Grownup Tumblr posting down to three times a week. I had meant it as a temporary measure, but I found the impact so beneficial to my workflow that I’ve made the change permanent. In addition, posting every other day feels less disruptive from the reader’s point of view than four days in a row plus a long weekend. What do you think?