Some Notes on Business Operations

Ahem Ahem!

New year, new situations. Here’s a short recap of the latest developments in my business activities.

HKM Pukujen ja hattujen prassaysliike Vaino Kannisto 1946

Pukujen ja hattujen prässäysliike [Business for pressing suits and hats], Helsinki, Finland, by Väinö Kannisto, 1946. Helsinki City Museum (CC BY 4.0) via

Due to some long-standing health issues that culminated at the end of last year, I’m prioritizing self care this year (or until things settle down). The effects for shoppers should be minimal, however; I will continue to ship orders and respond to queries as soon as possible.

It merely means my backend processes (administration, development, etc.) will go slower since I will be keeping more strictly to my business hours – no more “I’ll just do this one more thing” or working six days a week instead of five.

Etsy is making some significant changes to their platform later this year. They include improving the search interface (to help buyers find the right items and to make better tools for sellers) and creating a new section for selling crafts supplies (called Etsy Studio). The latter will include video tutorials, which should make it easier to consider / experiment with new materials and techniques. I’m excited and curious to see the improvements in action, and will let you know if anything should change in my Etsy shop.

I’ve also decided that the costs of compliance with the Massachusetts legislation on donations as part of business are unsupportable. I will continue in my private capacity to contribute to (and occasionally blog here about) organizations, programs and initiatives that are important to me.

I’m continuing to experiment with social media. I’m currently contemplating a Twitter management program like Hootsuite or TweetDeck or the like, and joining Instagram in addition to Flickr. Do you have any experiences, good or bad, you’d like to share?

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