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It’s been a turbulent week in the U.S. I’ve been struggling with the unbelievability of the political situation and how minor my everyday concerns feel in comparison. Then I saw this tweet by B.Zedan:

Life does indeed continue, as do projects and self-care, whatever form that may take. In that sprit, here’s a surprising and delightful detail from one of my current World of Warcraft projects – my main toon got a LEGENDARY piece of chest armor:

WoW Legion Random Drop Legendary Chest

It was a random world quest reward. Holy moly! I didn’t even know legendary items could drop in this expansion.

And here’s a discovery from Suramar City: they have trees with star-filled canopies!

WoW Legion Suramar City Trees w Star Canopy

Suramar is the first city in the game that actually feels like a city, and it’s gorgeous to boot. We saw a significant leap in terrain design from Cataclysm to Pandaria, and Legion looks even better. If it weren’t for those pesky guards we need to avoid in the City, I could spend a long time just wandering around, discovering amazing details like this.

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