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For some years now, I’ve kept a tally of the books I read. In 2014 I started counting how many of the authors are men and how many are women.

Here are my complete reading statistics to date:

  • 2007: male 30, female 16 (out of 46 books total, 46 authors total)
  • 2008: male 25, female 18 (out of 43 books total, 43 authors total)
  • 2009: male 25, female 17 (out of 42 books total, 42 authors total)
  • 2010: male 24, female 22 (out of 42 books total, 46 authors total)
  • 2011: male 27, female 18 (out of 41 books total, 45 authors total)
  • 2012: male 35, female 17 (out of 43 books total, 52 authors total)
  • 2013: male 18, female 9 (out of 27 books total, 27 authors total)
  • 2014: male 24, female 45 (out of 60 books total, 70 authors total)
  • 2015: male 8, female 30 (out of 38 books and authors total)
  • 2016: male 19, female 59 (out of 76 books and 78 authors total)

A new record for me – 76 books! Very nice. Partly that was because I finished my 21 Authors project reading last year, but not entirely.

A few weeks before I totaled my yearly reading, I saw author V.E. Schwab’s tweet about reading over 100 books two years in a row now. I thought that was both impressive and completely out of my range, but now that I’ve seen my 2016 numbers I might want to try break a hundred, too! It seems there’s some thruth to the adage that appetite comes with eating. 🙂

Apart from the amount, I also noted that I came across many books / authors that I normally probably wouldn’t have picked up that turned out intriguing if not outright favorites.

Here’s a gratuitous photo of some of my last reading for 2016 and first for 2017:

Reading Pile Jan 2017

For 2017, I do have a few lists that I’d like to read through and a whole bunch that I’ve saved on a generic To Read list, but I don’t think I’ll try another formal reading project. I haven’t entirely decided, though – any suggestions?

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