Free Printable Heart Gift Tags

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This year, I’m attempting to organize everything holiday-related well in advance. (The operative word being “attempting.” Eek – it’s six weeks to Christmas!)

I made these minimalist gift tags inspired by my Nordic roots. And I made them specifically to share with you – read on for the link to download yours!

Red Xstitch Heart Gift Tag on Box

Heart is a popular Christmastime ornament in the Nordic countries, and not reserved just for Valentine’s Day. I made the cross stitch heart and interlaced tag outline with a photo editor.

Red Xstitch Heart Gift Tags 2016

Then I trimmed them into rectangles, but you can either cut along the outline or create whichever shape you prefer.

Red Xstitch Heart Gift Tags2 2016

Download as .pdf (9 per letter-sized sheet; free for personal use only).