Long Weekend Playing

Games, Geek out!

The latest WoW expansion was the main entertainment for us this past weekend.

WoW Legion DruidStart5

So far everything I’ve seen is visually gorgeous. The new animations are great even with lower graphics settings (I especially like the ore nodes collapsing when mining), and there are quite a few of them. No wonder the system requirements are so much higher than for previous expansions. I was also amused how certain areas match some of my transmogs. The screencap above is all warm browns, purple and a dash of green like my main druid’s current mog.

In my book, Blizzard’s decision to launch Legion before Labor Day was great – an extra day playing. I’m looking forward to exploring more, and there will definitely be more WoWing this week.

But right now I’m quite happy to get back to the IRL grind. You know you’re officially An Old when several days of a favorite activity wear you out. 🙂