Ancient Egyptian Diadem Inspires High Fashion?

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Remember my post about the fantasy flair in Valentino’s fall winter 2015-2016 collection?

Valentino2 fall winter 2015-2016

Valentino, fall winter 2015-2016. Photo Fabrizio Ferri / Vogue Italia.

I said the cuts reminded me of the movie Troy or vaguely of ancient Greek styles in general. While I didn’t get it exactly right, it sounds like historical Mediterranean may have been an inspiration for Valentino.

According to Katherine Barlow on Tumblr, the many head pieces and belts in the collection were inspired by this gold diadem:

Hyksos Headband Collage

Headband with heads of gazelles and a stag between stars or flowers, Egypt, ca. 1648-1540 BCE. Photos via The Met, collage by Eppu Jensen.

It’s from ancient northern / middle Egypt, from the time of the so-called Hyksos culture, which combined Egyptian and Eastern Mediterranean traditions. This diadem is dated ca. 1648-1540 BCE, with animal heads alternating with flowers. Apparently it’s a typical example of how artistic styles were combined in the multicultural Hyksos civilization.

Now, I haven’t been able to confirm whether the Hyksos diadem actually was Valentino’s inspiration or not. Regardless, as a fan of early history, I love how the ancient world still pops up in our modern times even when not specifically looking for it. 🙂

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