Close Quarters: Canal Boat Cum Cottage

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I’m fascinated by the thought that goes into making extremely small interiors work. Sure, decorating a space is (reasonably) easy. But when you need to take not just aesthetics but also economics, ergonomics and pragmatics into account, the challenge increases as the available space decreases.

Occasionally you find spaces that make functionality on multiple levels look supremely easy. Case in point: Velvet Morning, a canal boat available for overnight stay (Airbnb-style) in Maida Vale, London.

Look how adorable it is:

Plum Guide Velvet Morning Living Kitchen

There are small heart cutouts in multiple places, the black iron hinges draw attention to the age of the boat and the doorways are elegantly arched.

Plum Guide Velvet Morning Kitchen

Looks are not the only attraction, however: the kitchen looks fully equipped with a gas stove and oven, fridge, multiple cupboards and what looks like an apron-front sink. Little corner shelves increase the storage capability.

In the bathroom, there’s a tub, a drying rack, and – incredibly – a radiator AND towel rack squeezed between the tub and the wall, and a tiny backsplash behind the sink:

Velvet Morning Bathroom

(Visit the the Plum Guide site for for Velvet Morning for additional photos, including one with the bath tub, towel rack and radiator.)

There’s even a tiny woodstove and a set of fireplace tools:

Plum Guide Velvet Morning Woodstove

I don’t think I’d have any qualms about staying there, the details are obviously so well thought out. Appropriately, the owner / operator advertizes it as having “all the comforts of a cosy cottage and a steampunk vibe.” I can see the comforts so ingeniously built in, but I’m not sure I see the steampunkishness. What do you think?

Note: I wasn’t paid or perked to mention this; just passing along a good thing.