Discoveries: Needle-Felted Star Wars Scenes

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Jack and Holman Wang created a series of books based on the three original Star Wars movies. Their take? Each book is illustrated with epic needle-felted scenes.


Jack and Holman Wang / Lucasfilm Ltd.

Wow, right? All of the scenes are meticulously made, styled and propped. They describe the project on their website like this:

Star Wars Epic Yarns is a new all-ages board book series offering a lightspeed take on the original Star Wars trilogy. Each film is pithily summarized in just 12 words and 12 eye-popping needle-felted illustrations.

“The series took nearly a year to make, including hundreds of hours of needle-felting to create the characters, hundreds of hours of scale-model set building (incorporating everything from plumbing parts to dry ice), and weeks of location shooting (including a trip to the Californian desert).”

Holman and Jack also share great behind-the-scenes material, including the Star Wars Epic Yarns Behind the Scenes video. It starts with with felting humor:

– The Emperor: “There is a great disturbance in the Force.” [Darth Vader breathing heard in the background]

– Darth Vader: “I have felt it.” [cue an image of needle felting, with continued Darth Vader breathing]

I especially love it when artists have a sense on humor about their work! 🙂

At this writing, Jack and Holman have three upcoming public appearances, including at the Jane Austen Society of North America Annual General Meeting in Washington, DC in October. Jack and Holman’s work can also found at Cozy Classics, where Jane Austen enthusiasts (like me!) can find needle-felted versions of Emma and Pride and Prejudice, among other classic books. Some fantastic preview images of all their work are also available. Thanks, Holman and Jack!

Note: I wasn’t paid or perked to mention this; just passing along a good thing.