Intuitive Photo Editing Program Needed

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So, this is what I’ve been doing this weekend:

I’m getting used to a new computer. But it’s not simply a new-to-me machine with a different keyboard configuration and whatnot; I’ve also upgraded my operating system to Windows 10, with the joys and frustrations that brings. Most of my favorite programs are now on, as are my personalizations. I’ve found most of the settings I care about (many of them multiple times, heh heh). The sounds sound different, with more nuance in music tracks (yay for better speakers / sound controllers). Colors look slightly different, too, understandably. That brings me to my problem.

I’ve been using Picasa for mass photo edits like resizing, but Google has discontinued it. Can anyone recommend an intuitive image editor?

I’m looking for something that’s quick to learn (so preferably not PhotoShop). I mostly only need basic functionality (straighten, crop, light / color correction, text, format conversion) with an occasional mild filter, so there’s plenty to pick from out there. My biggest need is the ability to resize multiple files at a time, though.

I’ve used Gimp and MS Paint, but they aren’t as handy for resizing. (And, bafflingly, the preinstalled programs on my new machine don’t include a resize option.) In a pinch I suppose I can try a legacy version of Picasa, but it would be good to have something with continuing support. I’ve also found some programs I could try by googling, but I thought I’d try the wisdom of my network first.

EDIT: I got one; thanks!

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