Quotes: Our Bodies Need Proper Rest


A piece of wisdom from Renae Bluitt, founder of Crush Media, in an interview by Garrett Fleming for design*sponge:

“When I first launched my business, I was the Captain of team No Sleep. Now I understand that this concept is totally ridiculous. There’s really no way around it. Our bodies need proper rest. Not sleeping and working around the clock doesn’t mean that you’re some super entrepreneur. It simply means that you’re not working smart and managing your time wisely.”

– Renae Bluitt

Being a visual person, I made it into a motivational poster:

Renae Bluitt Our Bodies Need Proper Rest2

As a small business owner, it is sometimes very hard to take time off even knowing that our brains work better when rested. It’s worth making it a priority, though.

Case in point: during my short break, without actively thinking about my current project under development I came up with three construction options to try. Now I can narrow it down further, and after testing move on to the next step in the process.