Egged by an Invisible Hand

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I’ve heard of people being shat by birds, but this I haven’t heard of before: I was egged. And inside the egg was a bird embryo.

All of a sudden while weeding, an egg fell on me. I don’t think the egg came from a tree: there was only one very young tree nearby, not fully in leaf yet so I was able to check for any nests in it. There were none. My guess is a bird of prey grabbed the egg and dropped it to open it, and instead it landed on my shoulder.

Shoulder Egged

The egg was really tiny, about half an inch / 1.5 cm or so. I scooped the amazing little embryo on a rock to take a photo.

Tiny Bird Embryo

You can see the eyes, the beak, and tiny little legs. (Or wings?) Poor little thing.

It was pretty surreal. But I still love living in the woods, even with unexpected egg attacks.