Latest Bag Project: For Civil War Opening Night

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I made yet another cross-body bag for myself. (I may have a problem.)

Voila: a recycled shoulder bag with a slight nod towards the star decoration on Captain America’s body armor in Winter Soldier.

Recycled Prototype Bag

This bag combines pieces from three sources. The outside is made from a piece of fabric that I used as a prototype (to test a combination of pieced work and applique) that I wasn’t using for anything else anymore. Fortunately it was large enough to turn into a bag without any additional work; I merely used iron-on interfacing to add support and squared the piece off to workable dimensions. The grey stripe is made by piecing (like a quilt); the star is pieced from five fabrics and appliqued on top.

The shoulder strap is recycled. It’s from an old bag that I was about to throw out. The fabric pieces of that old bag were in bad shape, but the strap and hardware work just fine, so I ripped off two zippers and two clips in addition to the strap to be re-used in other projects later.

I also lined the bag fully. The lining is newly made, and I used the opportunity to try making pockets with gussets. I made one of the gusseted pockets a perfect fit for my phone.

Perfect Fit

The best of it is that apart from the time put in the bag was completely free. 🙂

All set to see Captain America: Civil War!

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