Discoveries: Gender-Swapped Avengers

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Superheroic thoughts are invading my brain again – the release of Captain America: Civil War is only two weeks away. In that vein, these mashups of various photos to gender-swap Marvel superheroes fit right in. They are the work of Hungarian Tumblr-user Ágnes Domokos (aka disimilis), and just amazing. I made a collage to have my favorites all in one place:

Gender-Swapped Avengers

Ágnes Domokos a.k.a disimilis on Tumblr; collage by Eppu Jensen.

First row: Amber Heard as Cap, Emily Blunt as Winter Soldier, Kristen Stewart as Loki and Jennifer Lawrence as Thor.

Second row: Willa Holland as Spidey, Kerry Washington as Nic Fury, Chris Pine as Black Widower and Shailene Woodley as Hawkeye.

Bottom half: Zoe Saldana as Falcon, Teresa Palmer as Quicksilver, Jared Leto as Scarlet Warlock, Mila Kunis as Hulk and Kate Beckinsale as Antonia Stark.

Grouping them together like this is quite arresting: it shows how white and male Marvel Cinematic Universe’s superhero lineup is. Even if you were to add Lady Sif from Thor movies and Maria Hill and Agent 13 from Captain America: The Winter Soldier, superpowered (or extremely competent normal-human-powered) female protagonists would still only amount to around a third of the main characters, and it wouldn’t do anything to correct the overbearing whiteness. Tut tut, so disappointing.

Visit Ágnes’s Tumblr – besides Avengers (part 1, part 2, part 3), she has done other superheroes, too, including Daredevil and Star Lord plus Deadpool. Köszönöm szépen, Ágnes!

Note: I wasn’t paid or perked to mention this; just passing along a good thing.