Potential for DIY Knockoff: Dragon Mosaics

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Did you see the listing for the almost unbelievably ornate, wizard-esque custom house that’s been making rounds on the Internet? (Here it is on Zillow; found via Little Things.) This single-family house in Ashland, Oregon, is huge, HUGE – almost 9,000 square feet (about 825 square meters) – and has hand-carved woodwork, river-rock accents, sculpted banisters that look like trees, cloud-shaped windows and other organic designs, to name a few features.

Just look at the entry:

Ashland OR Custom House Entry

Via Zillow.

Wow. Clearly a lot of effort and skill went into building it. My favorite is the fireplace with two entwined mosaic dragons:

Ashland OR Custom House Dragon Fireplace

Via Zillow.

While most of the house’s custom work is out of reach for regular people with regular salaries, dragon mosaics might not be so far-fetched. Among the many gorgeous examples I found online is this glass mosaic of a dragon’s head by jocarra on DeviantArt


jocarra at DeviantArt.

…and this dragon mosaic by Lynn of SiriusMosaics, posted on Flickr, also made of glass:

Lynn Flickr Dragon Mosaic

Lynn at Flickr.

And this ceramic dragon by Greensam17 on DeviantArt has a bit of the same shape as the Ashland custom house dragons:


Greensam17 at DeviantArt.

Even if it’s smaller than the fireplace dragons, it shows you how you could achieve a similar effect on your own. I even found detailed directions of how to make your own dragon mosaic on StormTheCastle.com.

Note: I wasn’t paid or perked to mention this; just passing along a good thing.

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    1. Indeed! I love glass, and those glass dragon mosaics are so beautiful. Wish I was able to make something like that myself.

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