Behind the Scenes: Cards for Business

Behind the Scenes

I made small Thank You cards for my business:

Small Thank You Cards

They employ the same trick as my store logo and item info tags: a repeated logo block with a rainbow-like ripple effect.

Earlier this year I also updated my business cards:

New PGH Business Cards 2016

All the info is on the flipside; the front has only a photo of my work. So far I have three photo options for the business cards, but I’m playing around with additional designs. They were inspired by the cards I made for our Co-Geeking blog:

New Co-Geeking Business Cards 2016

The Co-Geeking cards came out better than the PGH ones, I think, so I might have more work to do. I’ll also have to decide whether to stick with the rainbow-type logo block branding long term or whether to change my branding to go with the photo business cards. Or should the photo cards be the ones to go? Decisions, decisions…! 🙂