Computer Troubles

Thumbs Down

So, this happened:

Meaning, my laptop is dead. It won’t turn on.

Fortunately, it’s not my work computer. All of the shop, blog and customer data is safe.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer can’t help me at all, since they’ve discontinued my model, in all of its 3.5-year-old glory. (It’s not that old! Gah!)

I’m very frustrated – it’s the most expensive computer I’ve ever owned, and the processor, memory, graphics and hard discs would’ve served my needs for years to come.

It’s not all bad, though: I’ll take this opportunity to learn how to remove the hard discs, re-connect them as an external drive to another computer and back up my data myself, instead of paying someone else for it. I have a lot of edited photos on that laptop, so I’m hoping it’s not the hard discs that are busted. (I do have originals of the photos, but no copies of the edits I’ve made.) And who knows, someone out there might be able to repair it.

And because Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Patrick Stewart can make any day better, here’s a fantastic picture of the two gentlemen:

McKellen Stewart Bad Day

Via Nicola Foxfield.

Image found via Nicola Foxfield.