Sanditon: Another New Jane Austen Screen Adaptation

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According to, a film adaptation of Jane Austen’s last work Sanditon is underway. Austen finished only the first 11 chapters of Sanditon before she passed in July 1817.

Fluidity Films Sanditon 2016 Poster

Fluidity Films.

The movie is based on a completed version of Sanditon by Marie Dobbs; the screenplay was written by Simon Reade. It’s to be directed by Jim O’Hanlon, known for his 2009 Emma miniseries starring Romola Garai. At this writing, Charlotte Rampling is slated for the role of Lady Denham, with additional casting underway.

Simon Reade and Guy de Beaujeu of Fluidity Films state:

“This is a brand new, never before seen Jane Austen. Her legions of fans worldwide will be thrilled with Sanditon’s romance, comedy, sardonic wit and its clever take on the modern obsessions of health and wealth that is quintessentially Jane Austen.”

Visit the Fluidity Films Sanditon page for more, including a synopsis.

Thoughts: On one hand, yay, more Austen!

On the other, umm. There are polite hints (like this book review or this one) that while Marie Dobbs’s ending for Austen’s beginning starts well, it veers off into the decidedly non-Austenian. I haven’t read Dobbs’s version, but if the Fluidity Films synopsis follows it, I’m very dubious. (An on-screen abduction with attempted rape? For no better reason than being in the wrong place at the wrong time?!?) I guess we’ll see.

In other related news: the release of Love and Friendship has been delayed a little. The current release day given by IMDB is May 13. Two months to go!

Note: I wasn’t paid or perked to mention this; just passing along a good thing.

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