Handtufted OOAK Rugs That Look Like Landscape

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Artist Alexandra Kehayoglou from Buenos Aires handtufts one-of-a-kind wool rugs that evoke landscapes with outdoor surfaces like water, snow and sand, or fluffy plant textures like grasses, moss and trees.

Alexandra Kehayoglou nieve-laguna-pasto

Nieve Laguna Pasto. Alexandra Kehayoglou.

Some of the rugs are meant as multi-surface coverings (wall to floor), or work as chair covers.

Alexandra Kehayoglou refugio-web

Refugio para unos días felices. Alexandra Kehayoglou.

Alexandra Kehayoglou silla-web

Silla para atravesar el invierno. Alexandra Kehayoglou.

Wow. Wow! See more on her website or Instagram.

Note: I wasn’t paid or perked to mention this; just passing along a good thing.

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    1. They are amazing, aren’t they! I’ve done little bit of weaving, and that makes me appreciate her work even more.

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