Reading Numbers for 2015

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For some years now, I’ve kept a tally of the books I read. Two years ago I started counting how many of the authors I read are men and how many are women.

NYPL Unidentified woman reading a book

Unidentified woman reading a book, 1913. NYPL, Manuscripts and Archives Division.

Here are my complete reading statistics to date:

  • 2007: male 30, female 16 (out of 46 books total, 46 authors total)
  • 2008: male 25, female 18 (out of 43 books total, 43 authors total)
  • 2009: male 25, female 17 (out of 42 books total, 42 authors total)
  • 2010: male 24, female 22 (out of 42 books total, 46 authors total)
  • 2011: male 27, female 18 (out of 41 books total, 45 authors total)
  • 2012: male 35, female 17 (out of 43 books total, 52 authors total)
  • 2013: male 18, female 9 (out of 27 books total, 27 authors total)
  • 2014: male 24, female 45 (out of 60 books total, 70 authors total)
  • 2015: male 8, female 30 (out of 38 books and authors total)

I’ve counted every author/editor once, so a book co-authored by two men and a woman gave two male authors and one female one for my tally; that’s why the number of books may be smaller than the number of authors totaled. Most of my reading is speculative fiction of some sort – fantasy and scifi – but not all of it. I include graphic novels, and count both authors and artists (if different) as authors for the purposes of this list. In addition, these numbers do include a few books without identifiable authors. They were omitted from the gender count but included in the book count.

Apparently it was a bit of a slump year for reading with only 38 books. Then again, I read a number of short stories for the Hugo awards which I usually don’t do and that took time away from my novel reading. Another surprising thing that leapt at me (for I don’t check the numbers during the year) is how strongly the ratio of men to women skewed towards women. That’s partly but not fully explained by my 21 Authors project (I got through only five books on my list before the end of the year).

Interesting year, all in all. Can’t wait to see what my 2016 numbers will look like; I’m off to a great start already!