Discoveries: World-Class Costume Embroidery by Michele Carragher

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Costume hand embroiderer, illustrator and artist Michele Carragher has produced work for several historical or historically inspired tv series and movies, including the Elizabeth I miniseries, Stardust, Prince of Persia and Game of Thrones.

Carragher uses her experience in textile conservation and traditional embellishment techniques to combine various materials and styles from around the world into breathtaking garments. The workmanship is exceptional!

Michele Carragher Peaky Blinders Graces Evening Dress

Grace’s evening dress, ca. 1921; Peaky Blinders. Via Michele Carragher.

Michele Carragher Sansa Wedding Dress Detail9

Detail from Sansa’s wedding dress to Tyrion Lannister; Game of Thrones / HBO. Via Michele Carragher.

Michele Carragher Dragonscale Detail HowTo

Detail from Daenerys’s dragonscale dress; Game of Thrones / HBO. Via Michele Carragher.

Check her website for the image galleries – gorgeous, detailed, layered work in such a range of materials and techniques! Carragher has also included a short how-to for Daenerys’s dragonscale dress embellishments (picture above) that might be of interest for Game of Thrones cosplayers out there.

Highly recommended for costume enthusiasts!

Note: I wasn’t paid or perked to mention this; just passing along a good thing.