Introducing: Co-Geeking – Like Christmas But With More Me

Ahem Ahem!, Geek out!, My Spaces

Bad puns with Iron Man references aside, I want to share my newest online project. Co-Geeking is a blog which I co-write with Husband, a home for our unabashedly geeky interests. We’ve been rolling our first posts out slowly and quietly over the summer, but we’re ready to shine more light on it.

We’ll share inspiring visuals, fun tidbits, silly quizzes, our thoughts on writing, stories and characters, and such. However, the biggest single feature is History for Writers, in which Husband applies his trade as an ancient historian to his love of storytelling.

CoG Header Attempt

An attempt at making a header for the new blog with just some of our interests.

For me, Co-Geeking is about three things. Firstly, it’s about sharing the stuff we love not only with each other but with others outside our immediate circle. I hope that we’ll get to talk with people we know in person or online who live in (drastically) different time zones, and that we’ll form new connections and friendships. I also want a place to share things that don’t fit well with the PGH focus.

Secondly, Co-Geeking is about highlighting the fact that geeks come in all configurations. I am no less a geek than Husband even though he bears the physical topography that’s currently more valued in this country and I don’t – and neither is someone who is of a different color, language group or culture than the two of us (white / Finnish and American). Nor is geekiness dependent on what you do or don’t like. Whether you’re into SCA, LARP, cosplay, tabletop games, card games, MMOs irrespective of flavor, anime, comics, superheroes in all and every medium, speculative literature in general or transwoman-authored science fiction about sentient carrot seedling soldiers from the debris disk of Tau Ceti, there is space for us all in fandom. A respectful discussion among various points of view enriches us all, and that’s what I want out of Co-Geeking.

Lastly, geekiness is not necessarily something you’ll grow out of, nor should you. In mainstream media, geeks are mostly stereotyped as teenagers or young adults, and men to boot, but we all know that’s not true and never has been. Husband and I are approaching / into our middle age now, still geeking strong, not about to quit, and we’re no less responsible adults than our neighbors just because we root for Groot and not the Patriots. I’ve decided to be more public about my geekiness to help dispell those annoying stereotypes.

The changes for the PGH blog will be minor. Here I will concentrate more heavily on textiles, textile history, sewing, homes, home projects, crafts and visuals, while I’ll try to keep Co-Geeking more story- and hard-materials-projects oriented. There will be overlap to some extent nevertheless, because variety is the salt of life.

We’re very excited about and hope you’ll join us at Co-Geeking! 🙂