Steampunk Style at Helsinki Bike Show

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It’s easy to see why this steampunk-style motorcycle was the showstopper at the Helsinki Bike Show, held June 13, 2015, in Helsinki, Finland. The look and details are incredible!

Helsinki Bike Show Steampunk1

Eija Kyllönen /

Helsinki Bike Show Steampunk2

Eija Kyllönen /

The maker, who only goes by the moniker Jaarni, used a Ukrainian K-750 with a sidecar as the base for the rebuild. Some of the details are reported in by Eija Kyllönen (in Finnish):

“A water-cooled engine stays faithful to the bike’s steampunk vibe. Steampunk combines the age of steam engines with the modern day and latest technology. Emerged in the 1980s from science fiction literature, steampunk embraces concepts and fantasy based on late 1800s industrialization and the Victorian era. This popular art movement has its own small yet dedicated fandom in Finland, so much so that in January this year, a steampunk bar was opened in Helsinki. […]

“The bike is filled with interesting details. The headlight was a veritable find from a 1930s gangster-Citroen, the position lamps come from a 1920s Buick, a genuine steampunk pocket watch is attached to the top of the tank, and so on. The list is endless.

“So far the bike has already won several awards. In this year’s Helsinki Bike Show, it was voted audience favorite and gained second place in the custom build category.”

(translation by Eppu Jensen)

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Note: I wasn’t paid or perked to mention this; just passing along a good thing.

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    1. The bike is just stunning. I think the article said the builder’s been working on it more or less continually for three years. It shows! And thank you for the award! Interesting questions, too; I’ll have to write a separate post with my answers.

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