New in Store: Book Bags Listed

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Just added to the Playfully Grownup Home shop: small book bags / grab bags / shopping bags. A few come in cheerful summery fabrics, and two were inspired by Captain America’s blue battle suit in Winter Soldier.

New Book Bags May 2015

They’re just under 10” x 11” / approx. 25 x 27 cm – small enough to fold and tuck into a pocket, but large enough to hold several books or DVDs, snacks, essentials, etc. when extra carrying capacity is needed.

I’m thinking the stars in the navy blue bags are too big; I’d like to shrink them just a hint if I should make any more. Any thoughts?

5 thoughts on “New in Store: Book Bags Listed

  1. That depends…. I kinda like them. Maybe if you added some red, people would use them at conventions or you could sell them at anime conventions……

    1. Thanks. The stars don’t actually look quite as large in the photo as (I thought) they looked in real life. I need to have another really good look, obviously. 🙂

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