Reddit User Visits GRRM’s Manuscript of A Dance with Dragons

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Remember when I blogged about the George R. R. Martin archives at the Texas A&M University Libraries? Reddit user _honeybird visited the archives to look through the full manuscript of A Dance with Dragons and shared their findings, including photos and possible spoilers!

honeybird GRRM MS ADWD

A part of the manuscript for A Dance with Dragons in an archival box. Photo by Reddit user _honeybird.

One of _honeybird’s observations deals with (suggested) edits to the manuscript:

“Notes from GRRM’s editor were in green, with GRRM’s own comments and edits added in red. Most of the suggested edits were technical and grammatical notes that had little to no bearing on the tone of the writing. There were, however, a few interesting moments where the editor tried to reshape GRRM’s writing style.”

Indeed, _honeybird’s photos of the manuscript bear witness to this:

honeybird GRRM Page ADWD

A part of the manuscript for A Dance with Dragons with editor’s commentary. Photo by Reddit user _honeybird.

It’s fascinating to see these glimpses of the dialogue between an author and their editor. During the visit, _honeybird even teased out one major, spoiler-y detail regarding the identity of Coldhands. Read the full account on Reddit (with links to more images)! Thank you for sharing, _honeybird!

Never let it be said that libraries and archives are full of old, unusable crap that no-one has any interest in! 🙂