Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Fire

After Hours, Behind the Scenes

And when I say “fire” I kinda mean the other thing: it started snowing when I was still sick, and it’s barely stopped. In the past week(!) we’ve gotten at least 30” or just over 75 cm snow.* I seriously have trouble believing how much snow we got, even though I’ve (co-)shoveled through it all.

As if that’s not enough, the forecast for the next eight days includes five days with snow:

Weeks Forecast Feb 2015

ANOTHER 14”-23” of snow?!?

Spaceballs Lord Helmet What?

Reaction Gifs.

I. Cannot. Even.

Fortunately my voice is almost back. I only sound a little bit like Princess Vespa singing.

*) That includes two storms, Juno and Linus, plus some non-storm-related snowfall. My figure may actually be on the low side, looking at the official numbers.

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