LEGO Sewing Machines

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Apparently there is an overlap of sewing enthusiasts and LEGO enthusiasts! I accidentally discovered a photo of one little LEGO sewing machine online and realized many more people have made their own versions. Here is Riel’s

Riel Nason Lego Sewing Machines

Riel Nason at The Q and the U.

…and this one by Denise’s son

Denise Starck Lego Sewing Machine

Denise Starck at Quilty Pleasures.

…and Danielle’s:

Danielle at 2 Little Superheroes Lego Sewing Machine

Danielle at 2 Little Superheroes.

Love the creativity and the different solutions! Reminds me of the time, years ago now, when Husband and I built our dream house with LEGOs. It included a crafts room with a sewing machine. (Sadly, we didn’t think to photograph it.) Clearly these sewing machine builders are my kind of people. 🙂