Hunger Games Visuals: An Internet Roundup

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This week, leading up to the Mockingjay, Part 1 opening night, I’ll share some Hunger Games themed finds and materials, including tutorials for a simple mockingjay logo felt silhouette and a shoulder bag.

I’m impressed by the concise look that our real world design and PR / marketing forces have created for The Hunger Games world. There is a website for The Capitol, constructed from the point of view of the story world, that includes messages from the citizenry, a series of capitol tv shorts and more. Every detail looks deliberate and carefully considered, and could easily be regarded as products of an efficient propaganda machine. (If videos designated “mandatory viewing” are not propaganda, I don’t know what is!) For example, one of the sections, District Heroes, contains these posters:

Hunger Games Posters Collage

Lionsgate; collage by Eppu Jensen.

On the surface the posters are beautiful, but when you consider the accompanying soundbytes in context, they become eerie. For example, the District 12 poster says: “Lily Elsington, 6, captures the spirit of the next generation of District citizens: ready, willing, and eager to fuel the Panem of tomorrow.” We see the same colors and materials that characterize Distric 12 in The Hunger Games and Catching Fire movies – neutrals, greys and darks, rough textures, worn edges, wood and metal. However, the selection of a six-year-old girl as the face of 12 makes me wonder whether there’s a deliberate hint at child labor to rattle the real world viewer. Props for the design team!

Then there’s the official Hunger Games site by Lionsgate, with cast interviews and costumed stills. (There are very few details of the sets or locations, which is a shame.) Issue 1 introduces the real world filmmakers, the script, District 13 President Coin and a first peek of finished footage. Issue 2 concentrates on Katniss, Gale and the story world film crew assigned to Katniss. The Panem Instagram account(!) provides more of the same gorgeous high-res images of posed characters.

Hunger Games Capitol Instagram Collage

Lionsgate; collage by Eppu Jensen.

Equally deliberate and impressive, albeit quite different stylistically, is the District 13 site.

Hunger Games District 13 Collage

Lionsgate; collage by Eppu Jensen.

Purporting to be messages uploaded into the official Capitol network by rebel hackers, the District 13 site is heavy with visual noise and distorted images. There are a few extremely short video clips and excerpts from story world personnel files. Nice, but compared to the Capitol marketing effort, quite rudimentary, which probably is, again, a deliberate choice.

Having read the trilogy, there will be no major surprises for me storywise. However, the main joy in seeing tv or movie adaptations of books is the visual experience and the screenwriters’ and actors’ interpretations of characters. I’m definitely looking forward to Mockingjay. Almost there!

Note: I wasn’t paid or perked to mention this; just passing along a good thing.