Tutorial: DIY Mockingjay Logo Felt Silhouette

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I’ve been expecting The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1 for weeks now. The wait has felt especially long because, for me, this year’s Hollywood movies have been quite short on interesting topics and/or characters. To tide me over better, I’ve re-read the books, re-watched both The Hunger Games and Catching Fire and even sewed myself a small shoulder bag with a mockingjay logo.

This week, leading up to the Mockingjay, Part 1 opening night, I’ll share some Hunger Games themed finds and materials, including tutorials for a simple mockingjay logo felt silhouette and a bag.


DIY Mockingjay Logo Felt Silhouette

For the felt silhouette you will need:

paper and printer or photocopier

felt (or some other non-fraying material)

pins, scissors, sharp crafts knife, cutting mat (or thick cardboard) to cut on

Mockingjay Logo Felt Silhouette How-To

To make the logo felt silhouette:

  1. Find an image with a clear silhouette and not too many delicate protrusions; make a paper pattern in your desired size by printing or photocopying. A bigger image makes cutting easier.
  2. Roughly cut out excess paper around the image, leaving about 1” / 2-3 cm all around. No need to be very exact at this point.
  3. Pin the paper on top of the felt, placing pins outside the logo. Make sure the felt is as smooth as possible.
  4. Place the paper-felt sandwich on the cutting mat (or on plenty of cardboard so as not to damage your work surface). Cut along the silhouette outlines with a sharp knife. Make sure your cuts go through both the paper and the felt. Go slowly and carefully, especially at tight curves. Now is the time to be exact.
  5. Remove pins and peel the paper pattern off. If necessary, make additional cuts in the felt either with the knife or with sharp scissors until the silhouette pulls off easily.

The logo is now ready to be attached! It doesn’t need to go on an item made from scratch; it can be handsewn onto a bag, shirt, jacket or a hat you already own.

My silhouette is approximately 4.5” / 11 cm wingtip to wingtip and 3.25” / 8 cm top to bottom. I don’t think I’d make it any smaller if attaching the logo with a sewing machine, for some of the curves were challenging enough already to do neatly.

Tomorrow I’ll share a tutorial for my Mockingjay shoulder bag.

Edit: The shoulder bag tutorial is now available.