Creativity Is: Star Wars – Northwest Coast Art Crossover

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Seattle artist Scott Erickson created prints of iconic Star Wars shapes in the style of the art of the indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest coast. The set is called Alliance is Rebellion, and it’s impressive… very impressive! (In your best Darth Vader voice, of course!)

Erickson Alliance is Rebellion 4Icons

Selected icons from Alliance Is Rebellion show by Scott Erickson.

I was interested in his creative thinking, and found Ericson’s artist statement:

“One night, not so long ago, I was thinking about the stories that had manifested into native art and how their telling visually was a gift of common remembrance to the community. I thought about how I have learned to culturally and artistically compartmentalize narratives and began wondering about trans-cultural narratives that unify instead of divide. I came to the conclusion that many trans-cultural narratives we see are epic film and television hero stories about the nature of good and evil. […]

“In the construction of this idea, though, the question that has arisen in me is, “Am I allowed to create these images?”

“Any artist, patron, or gallerist worth their salt, is appalled by the individual and cultural atrocities of unethical exhibitions sensationalizing “the other” and depriving originators not only of their dignity, but also their honor by omitting attribution and intellectual rights to their work and techniques. […]

Personally and plainly: How am I not just another white guy stealing from the native tribes for my own benefit? Is this imitation considered the best form of flattery? How do I give honor where honor is due […]

“For me, personally, these images are a bridge.

“A bridge….between two significant narratives that are as much from long ago and far far away, as they are from right here and right now.

“A bridge….between my upbringing and a wider global audience potentially unfamiliar with the aesthetics of Pacific Northwest coastal art and native storytelling.

“A bridge….between a divisive past of non-dignifying cultural theft to our present role in imagineering a more hopeful future. Where we simultaneously restore honor due to the cultural sources of storytelling and their art techniques, while exploring our individual and shared narratives with imagination, innovation, and creative freedom.”

(Apologies for a lengthy quote; I didn’t want to misrepresent him.) More images on Erickson’s site!

Note: I wasn’t paid or perked to mention this; just passing along a good thing.