Discoveries: TheNaughtyRabbit on Etsy

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Elisabeth Holmes runs an Etsy shop called TheNaughtyRabbit. She sculpts small rabbit figurines out of polymer clay. Elisabeth’s rabbits aren’t your usual garden variety, though: they are leporine takes on popular fantasy / scifi characters. And adorable!

Rabbit Collage1

Top row: Harry Dresden, Robocop. Bottom row: Arya Stark, Captain America, Buffy the vampire Slayer. Elisabeth Holmes / TheNaughtyRabbit on Etsy; collage by Eppu Jensen.

Rabbit Collage2Rabbit Collage2

Top row: Sam the Eagle, Star Trek. Bottom row: 4th Doctor, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Elisabeth Holmes / TheNaughtyRabbit on Etsy; collage by Eppu Jensen.

I’m impressed how much detail she can include on figurines 2” tall, and how well she can match rabbit-ness (if that’s a word) with something from each character’s personality. They are apparently inspired by her pet rabbit, who is full of tenacity and spunk and stubbornness. (Sounds exactly like my sister’s rabbit, who has sadly passed.) Holmes herself describes her creations with one very apt sentence: “These rabbits act as a small reminder of the resilience and exuberance of rabbits and how each of us can add a little bit of that to our lives.”

They are indeed adorable! Must. Resist. Temptation. Must. Resist. Must.

Darn – I’m probably going to be assimilated! 🙂

Note: I wasn’t paid or perked to mention this; just passing along a good thing.