Signal Boosting: Sexual Assault Awareness Month

This Is Important

April is sexual assault awareness month in the United States. One of my core beliefs is the right to bodily integrity; therefore, I’m signal boosting some resources on sexual assault.


In addition, let me quote two extremely important points from one of author Jim C. Hines‘s past posts on Livejournal:

“1. Ever notice how often we talk about how someone was raped? When was the last time you heard it phrased, ‘Someone raped her.’ Because of course, the latter construction puts the responsibility on the rapist. It isn’t something that just happens. It’s something a person chose to do.

2. Rapists choose to rape. Nothing you do — nothing you wear, nothing you drink, nothing you say — nothing makes that choice for them. If someone raped you, it wasn’t your fault. End of story.”