Online Finds: Lunar and Planetary Institute Maps

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The Lunar and Planetary Institute (LPI) has quite an impressive amount of resources available on their website. I lost myself for quite some time yesterday among their image repositories. They include for example a Lunar Map Catalog, an Apollo Image Atlas, the awe-inspiring Apollo Surface Panoramas plus Mars Map and Venus Map Catalogs – and that’s just some of the image resources! Here are three of my favorite pictures.

Topographic lunar map with gradient tint printing, sheet 2:

LPI Lunar Topogr 2 Gradient

Topographic lunar map with gradient tint printing, sheet 2. Lunar and Planetary Institute.

Almost looks like a vintage map, doesn’t it?

Lunar farside chart, LFC-1B, from the 1st edition, August 1967:

LPI Lunar Farside Chart LFC-1B

Lunar Farside Chart LFC-1B. Lunar and Planetary Institute.

A partial geomorphic/geologic map of the northern hemisphere of Venus:

LPI Geomorphic Venus North

A geomorphic/geologic map of part of the northern hemisphere of Venus. Lunar and Planetary Institute.

Can you imagine how great they would be as computer wallpaper? I’m actually quite intrigued by my geomorphic Venus map!

Venus Map Computer Wallpaper

They’d also make great wall art or gift wrappers if you blew them up at a copy shop. (The LPI has a few different resolutions available for many images.)

Note: I wasn’t paid or perked to mention this; just passing along a good thing.