Making Progress: First Impressions on Changing Tack

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What would be better for the last proper post of the year than reflection? Below I’ll share some of my thoughts on changing careers. But first a little sidenote to show off my last library project.

My previous job was at a (great!) high school library. Although the Doctor Who 50th anniversary took place after I left, I wanted to do something. I turned one of our blue bookcarts into a Tardis – so fitting, right? – and decorated it with snippets of Doctor Who history plus pictures of Who-fan projects found online. The librarians kindly rolled my display out at the proper time and posted these photos on their Flickr feed.

PeskyLibrary DrWho Front

Display: Eppu Jensen; photo: Carl A. Pescosolido Library.

PeskyLibrary DrWho Back

Display: Eppu Jensen; photo: Carl A. Pescosolido Library.

PeskyLibrary DrWho Side

Display: Eppu Jensen; photo: Carl A. Pescosolido Library.

All photos from the PeskyLibrary Flickr (Carl A. Pescosolido Library, Governor’s Academy).

I’ve been working for myself for 6 months now. The decision to make the change was very difficult. I felt I was trying to balance such an incongruent amount of wishes and wants that there was no good solution. In a way, that helped: knowing there was no way to accommodate *everything*, I had to focus on *something*. It forced me to decide what I wanted most out of a change, concentrate on achieving that and re-evaluate every other consideration as honestly as I could.

There are times when I miss the library, my colleagues and students, very much. I miss being an active part of the book world. I miss using my academic skills. And quite honestly, I miss a steady paycheck. However, I’ve gained what I most wanted out of the change: more family time and more control. Almost all of my library career involved evenings. I hardly got to see my husband, let alone share daylight with him. Now I have both. I’ve gotten to stretch myself and learn new skills. I’ve also gained new contacts. Although I got to be creative at the library, too, I now get to flex different creative muscles, ones I feared were in danger of atrophying.

Change is unsettling, even frightening, but change is also challenging and rewarding. Even in hindsight, given the same circumstances, I’d make the same decision again.